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Last update: 8 Febbraio, 2006

Common Dialogs Advanced (CD Advanced) is a vb project that allows you to customize your common dialog system: Open/Save, Font and Colors.

Go to 'CommonDialog Enhanced Callback' VB project winner
Planet Source Code January 2006 winners!

!!! Please note that the source code for this project is commented on italian language only!!!
If you have question about this, use THE FORUM (english language).

Note: other dialog (Printer, Find, etc.) isn't implemented.

Less the Windows Common Controls 5.0 (used for toolbar on window style AUDIO) only VB code I have used!
And a lot of API functions, of course

Please note the strange feature: a OPEN dialog to DELETE FILE! (ELIMINA FILE - italian)
Why nothing else was think about this ?

Below you can see a OPEN dialog that contain a custom image (on top) and where you can play the audio file from inside this dialog! The toolbar, in fact, contains two new button PLAY (green) to play the audio file, and STOP (red) to stop the play.

At this moment you can play the two 'classic' Windows audio format: WAV and MIDI (take a look over difference  that I used to play each file type).

In future, should be good to implement MP3 audio, also... (some voluntary?)



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