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NetworkChange - Profiles Manager TCP/IP

Tired to set 'by hand' the TCP/IP protocoll address when you have to change network or company?
If yes, then use Network Change!

This program, very useful, allows you to create how many profiles you need!
Each profile keep the settings for each network. Therefore when you have to change network connection simply choose the appropriate profile!

Wiht NetworkChange you can manage your profiles as you want: create, delete and.... clone, too!

NetworkChange features:


Network Card selection

Multi languages

Tray icon

Tray menu


Download NetworkChange


Version 2.0.2 - 12-20-2007

Windows Vista compatible.
Now you can install NC2 on Vista

Version 2.0.1 - june, 27 2007

- Current settings (toolbar & button) option now enabled

- Activate Profile (toolbar) button now enabled


Version 2.0.0 - june, 16 2007

The source code for Network Change isn't long

New interface
-) Add toolbar
-) Menu, toolbar and statusbar can be showned's on difference style: Office XP, Office 2003 oy standard (Ctlcm32)

Add PROFILES menu, that reflect all the command buttons on main window.
*) For traslators:
you don't have to translate this items, because the item text is the same for the buttons.

Add VIEW menu to show/hide some window objects. Also, here you can change the style for menu, toolbar and statusbar.

Automatic selection for the network card. If there more than one network card, you can set the your default card.

On the profile settings window, the active text backcolor is yellow, and other features when you enter the digit.

New HTMLHelp (CHM) file, only italian (at moment).

- Others minor fixed

- N.B.
Updateds all languages file (LNG ) with new strings.


Version 1.3.8 - april 24 2006


- Autorun
Now you can run NC at startup by set the new menu
item 'Run at Windows startup (toggle)' (see File
menu). This new options make NC in autorun mode
by using the Registry.

- Hide mode
Now this features can be set from new menu item
'Run Hide mode' (see File menu).

Now the link on Startup folder no longer need, you
MUST delete it!

Version 1.3.6 - march 08 2006

Application title isn't showned in the form :-(

Command parameter:
If install the NetworkChangeSetup.exe (complete
application) the setup cannot insert the '/' char
on the command line parameter /HIDEONSTARTUP that
will use on the Startup link.
Now you no longer add the slash by hand, but leave
the HIDEONSTARTUP parameter.

Version 1.3.5 - march 01 2006

Add Deutsch language. Thank to Patrik Menne!

Add the option "Auto-select network card", so if
your computer contain only ONE network card, the
'Select NIC' window will not displayed, and the
your network card is automatically selected.

- CHANGE - /HIDEONSTARTUP command parameter:
The previous /AUTO parameter has been replaced by
Now really the NC window will not show on startup.

- CHANGE - NC window size
The size of NC window has been enlarged, to prevent
more lengthy strings for future languages.

- CHANGE - New About box

Versione 1.3.2 - february 08 2006

- BUGFIX - Switch between Profiles:
now, when switch to a different profile, first the
previous settings will reset to 0. After this, the
new settings will be applied.

Version 1.3.1 - january 18 2006 (internal release)

- When a profile is activated, if computer ha ONE
network card only, this card will be automatically
selected on form "Select network card"

Version 1.3.0 - oct 10/2005
Author: Doretto Roberto
- Add 'frmSelectNIC" form to select your Net card
(if you have more Net cards).
Good work Roberto. Thank!

Version 1.2.1 - sep 26/2005
- some bugs fixed
- other improvements

Version 1.1.0 - june 21/2005
- now the MaxLength for txtIP is set to 3
- after entered the 3th number on tetxbox txtIP or when you press the dot (.) the focus go automatically to the next field
- removed the check for alternative DNS, that is optional
- moved the check for some keys on the KeyDown event of textbox txtIP

Author: Doretto Roberto
Automatically set the Subnet Mask in accordo to the IP address

Version 1.0.0 - 13-06-2005

First release
Autore: Giorgio Brausi