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Last update: august 22 2004

Now you can show a clock (analogic or digital) like this:

Analogic clock
Digital clock


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Supports popular graphics formats such as BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, EMF, WMF and images in ZIP archives.
For creating Zip archives you can use our program Zip-I-Mage.

Great Desktop clock with skin support. You can choose analogue clock skin or digital clock skin (winamp clock feature - use winamp skins for digital clock). Place clocks above all windows in system, and customize them as you need.

You can create collections of your favorite wallpapers and customize them with individual options for each image and advanced display settings.

Apply a semi-transparent wallpaper calendar with various skins to your desktop!!!

Program the wallpaper to change automatically on system start or shutdown, on-hot-key press, or after a specified time period.

To reduce memory usage, Wallpaper Sequencer can automatically close after a wallpaper change.

If you frequently restart your system, you can set the option "Only once per day" and the wallpaper will be changed at StartUp/Restart/Shutdown only once between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm. (Or on a 24-hour clock, between 00:00 and 23:59.)

The program enables you to set the desktop background color and features options for a transparent background for desktop icon text, completely hidden desktop icons, proportional resizing, and Active Desktop support.

Wallpaper Sequencer renders the Taskbar transparent on Windows 2000/XP, revealing the whole desktop including any background image. This transparency is adjustable.

It also includes a multilingual interface, full multi-user support on NT/2000/XP, supports the virtual desktops that come with Microsoft Power Toys for XP, and fully supports Windows XP visual themes.