Crystal Report

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Crystal Report

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One of the most popular reporting tools is Crystal Report (CR 4.6).

In Visual Basic 5.0 was installed automatically, but not in version 6.0.

However, it is always available in Visual Studio (CD # 3) and Visual Basic (CD # 1).

In CD, the English version of CR4.6 is present in the folder:


but, at least for the Italian version, there is also a localized version in the folder:


Probably this will be true for all localized versions of Microsoft Visual Studio

and Microsoft Visual Basic, but I don't know the folder name for any localized version.


Note: if someone owns the product localized in other languages and want the program

to enable the CR 4.6 to install in their own language then it should send the full

path of the CD that contains the localized version.


If know other problems with different localizations contact me (via Forum) to explain

the problem, I will try to solve it.



How to install Crystal Report 4.6

1.From COMPONENTS tab select Crystal Report 4.6 item (a new window is open)

2.From window Press the Browse... button and select the father folder which contains the Common\Tools\vb path.

Maybe a root <D>:\ of you CD: i.e. D:\Common\Tools\vb, where <D> is the drive letter,

or a father folder where you had make a copy of original CD: i.e. F:\MyTools\Common\Tools\vb

Automatically, VS6 Installer found all the Crystal Report language versions

3.Select the Language versions, if there are more than one (i.e. VS6 come with two language versions: English and Italian)

4.Finally, press Install button


For italian users only

The setup of the Italian version contains a bug (never corrected by Microsoft) that prevents a successful installation.

VS6 Installer fixes this bug and allows you to terminate setup of the Italian version without problems.


Drivers for Access database version 2000+.

The drivers installed with Crystal Reports are very old and provide access to databases only version of Access '97.

VS6 Installer install automatically the drivers that provide access to databases of the 2000 version and above, accdb 2013 also!





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