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The HOME tab contains the below groups.

Root group

This is the section where you need before anything else set the ROOT folder, which is the folder that will contain the folders prepared by VS6 Installer.

The commands of the group Root will allow a complete management of this folder through which you can browse it and copy it to another location.


Misc group

Install Graphics (*)

On Visual Basic Setup the Graphics option (which install many graphics files like: Bitmaps, Cursors, Icons, Metafile and Video) is unchecked by default.

Who wants to install them is forced to enter manually in the various windows of customization to enable this option.

The new Install Graphics option of VS6 Installer, instead, install all graphics files automatically.


Default value is: True (suggested)

Disabling this option will not install any graphic file.


(*) This option must be set before starting the Setup program


Windows 8 / Windows 10 group (enabled on Windows 8 / 10 only)

Disable Data Access (*)

In Windows 8 and Windows 10 (Technical Preview) disables the installation of some outdated components, related to Data Access, that affect the execution of Visual Basic 6.0. This components are:

a) ADO, RDS, and OLE DB Providers

b) Remote Data Objects


Default value is: True (recommended in Windows 8 / 10)

Disabling this option will install the Data Access components, but this causes an error when running Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 8 / 10.

(*) This option must be set before starting the Setup program


See Know issues for more info.



Visual Studio and Visual Basic groups

Afterwards, you can choose the version of Visual Studio or Visual Basic to install on your computer.

VS6 Installer allows you to install both the Professional or the Enterprise editions of Visual Studio 6.0 or Visual Basic 6.0.



Message bar

The Message bar, below the Ribbon bar, informs you if Visual Basic 6.0 and MSDN Library are already installed or not.


Prepare folders

These three buttons allow you to prepare the installation folder respectively of Visual Studio or Visual Basic, the MSDN library and Service Pack 6.

Note that once prepared, these folders can be reused for future installations, so the preparation operation is performed only once, forever.



These three buttons properly install the three components (the IDE, MSDN and SP6) and are disabled and will be enabled as the corresponding step will be completed.



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