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This page list advanced project with example that provide solution for many questions,
that often you can't solve with pure VB only.
Many of this projects use API functions! Caution...

Last update: 8 Marzo, 2006

Project Description

You can remove the Min/Max button from MDIForm and MDI child form, and disable or not the relative functions.



Convert a colors image to gray scale image (no API)



How to 'DropUp' a combobox (instead of DropDown).
Update: now support for keys and other improvments.



How unset/set a Child form on a MDI applications.


gbThumbnails.zip Sample how to create a images viewer like ACDSee, IrfanView, etc.
gbCaptureListBox How to capture all the items from a listbox.
Note: You can capture external listbox, also.
gbResizeCtrlRunTime How to resize a TextBox or PictureBox while runtime, optionally add a vertical scrollbar.

Accurate text justification with API.

You can print text with various alignment and margins.



680 kbytes

VB6.0 - SP6

HOW TO USE Windows XP 32bit icons (with Alpha channel)

This project shown the solution for two problems (where the first one is insurmountable without API functions!).

1) We know that Visual Basic allow not to load 32bit icons with Alpha channel (aka Windows XP icons). If you try to does it, will return a "Invalid image." error message.

This project, with a intensive use of API functions, show how to load this icons. Moreover you can decide which image type and size to load.
Of course, load image from a ICO file is relatively easy. But load image from executable file DLL/EXE is less esay. Finally, load a specific image format only is more difficulty.

2) Another problem come from the VB Resource Editor: if you try to add 32bit icons (to create a RES file in your project) VB return the same error message: "Invalid image."

Oh yes, sometimes you have loaded with success a multi-format icons (containing 32bit icons, also). But VB don't load the 'best' format and don't show 'never' a 32bit image!
Run the project, and I show you what happen!

Please read this article to get more info about this topic.



Get icons associated

How to get the icons (16x16 and 32x32) associated to a file. This example us the SHGetFileInfo API function.



Version 1.3.6

How change the network connection address TCP/IP 'on fly'.
Very useful!


Common Dialogs Advanced

Advanced customization of the OPEN/SAVE, FONT and COLORS common dialog.
Cool!