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Last update: september, 30, 2005

VBA IDE Mouse Wheel add-in


This is a VBA - Visual Basic for Applications - version of the Microsoft add-in (see article http://support.microsoft.com/?id=837910) for Visual Basic 6.0.

The download of VB6IDE for Visual Basic 6.0 is available here:

This add-in allows you to take advantage for window scrolling by use a mouse wheel within the VBA IDE environment of VBA enabled applications. I.e. all the Microsoft Office suite (esclude Publisher).

At this moment, the add-in was tested with the Microsoft Office versione 9 (2000) and 10 (2002-XP) and seem work fine.

However, keep in mind that this add-in was create with Visual Basic 6.0 SP6, therefore may be not work with early version of VBA not VB6.0-compatible.

If found any problem with other VBA versions, you can modify the code (source code is included) to solve the problem. Otherwise you can report us the problem. you can does both!


Download VBA IDE Mouse Wheel add-in

Version 1.0.0 - 09-30-2005

First release
Author: Giorgio Brausi