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Last update: 12 Luglio, 2009


july 12, 2009
Network Change TCP/IP update: v. 3.0.1 - bug fix, improvement, ...

feb 06, 2008
Save-To-Folder add-in: bug-fix (info...)

june 27, 2007
NetworkChange 2.0.1 - Update (info...)

june 16, 2007
NetworkChange 2.0.0 - Update (info...)

may, 28 2007
Menu Creator 0.7.3 - bug fix (info...)

april, 24 2006
Network Change 1.3.8 - Updated (info...)

march, 26 2006
Menu Creator 0.7.1 - New features, bugfix (...)

march, 9 2006
Network Change 1.3.6 - Updated (info...)

march, 1 2006
Menu Creator 0.7.0 - New great features add! (...)

febrary 8, 2006
  Network Change 1.3.2 - Updated (info...)

december 27, 2005
 Menu Creator 0.6.1 (...)

october 8, 2005 
Network Change 1.2.1 - Updated (more...)
Now, you can choose different Network Cards!

september 30, 2005 VBA IDE Mouse Wheel add-inThe VBA version of the VB6 IDE add-in (published by Microsoft). Now you will able to use mouse wheel on the Visual Basic for Applications environment
september 28, 2005 Network Change 1.2.1 - Updated (...)
clsINI.cls was missing!!! Sorry...
september 26, 2005 NEW FORUM ! ! !
The previous forum isn't longer active. Register!!! Network Change 1.2.1 - Updated (...) CDA - Common Dialogs Advanced (...)

june 4, 2005 Menu Extended 0.8.0
Menu Extended Utility Setup v. 0.8.0
Some news :
- 9 Sets of predefined colors (for Windows XP themes)
- NEW3D style is now totally customizable
more info...

Menu Creator
Menu Creator 0.5.1 setup updated with Menu Extended 0.8.0
may 19, 2005 SaveToFolder - a VB 6.0 useful add-in to help your work to save your projects and files quickly!
more info...

may 8, 2005 NEW - 398 Icons : a collection of icons 16x16 (single format) 256 colors that mimic the Windows XP 32bit icons appearance. Very good for use with Menu Creator 2005 and Menu Extended!!!
Menu Creator version 0.5.1 is OUT - Download DLL only (recommended!)
what's new
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april 20, 2005

New update:
Menu Creator 0.5.0 - Download DLL only (recommended!)BUGFIX: the menu structure up the 2nd level was not created correctly.NEW: add th new German language (DEA - Austria)
april 19, 2005 Menu Creator
april 8, 2005 Menu Creator 0.4.7 - Download DLL only (277kb) :BUGFIX
Some users with Visual Basic other than Italian version was not abel to start Menu Creator! This problem is now correct. This problem is due to the different VB language versions which write boolean value on different way. For example:
english: True/False
italian: Vero/Falso
and so on...
Thus all the settings on MenuCreator.ini with boolean values was not ready correctly in VB language other than italian.
Now, all the boolean values will be write with 1 (True) or 0 (False)
NOTE: If the problem is still, open your MenuCreator.ini file and verify the boolean values. Eventually, change them like:
- change Falso to 0
- change Vero to 1
MenuExtended 0.7.7 & MenuExtended_UtilitySetup 0.7.7- new language add (Netherlands)
- some bug fixed

february 8, 2005 Menu Creator 0.4.6 - Download DLL only :
- New language add
- BugFix!

february 8, 2005

january 26, 2005
Some users that use a english, french or german version of Visual Basic (and perhaps other languages) get a Error 13 - Type Mismatch on start Menu Creator.
I want to reassure them that I will solve this bug!
Meanwhile you can download the previous version (0.3.5) that don't suffer for this problem.

january 09, 2005
Updated to version 0.7.0

january 08, 2005 Menu Creator 0.4.1 - UpdateBugFix: if the project don't contains the "SubClassMenuXP" routine,
Menu Creator return a: Error 35 -sub o function not defined.
Correct. You don't have to download the Complete_Setup again!
Download the MenuCreator_dll.zip only.

january 01, 2005

Great updated: Menu Creator 0.4.0

  • Support for menu array !
  • Remake a complete Import menu functionality
  • see new features and details here


november 04, 2004

october 08, 2004 Update Menu Creator v. 0.3.5
Multi Language Support add-in updated

september 29, 2004 MenuExtended UtilitySetup
Install MenuExtended directly from your program setup in silent-mode.

september 27, 2004 New italian translation:MZ-Tools
Help file ITALIANO

september 12, 2004 New italian translation:Inno Setup Form Designer 1.1.2c
The title say all, don't need other words! Freeware

september 5, 2004 Updated PORTFOLIO section
august 29, 2004 Menu Creator updated to version 0.3.0
Important update: see here what's new!

august 20, 2004 Tutorials for Menu Creator:

This tutorials shows how many simple to create and import menu on your Visual Basic projects!
Note: tutorials is a Flash format, you need the Macromedia Flash player.

Click the tutorial name to start it,
or you can download them (zip format) here.


1) Create a new menu (450 kb)
2) Import a existing menu , edit it and re-save it (1.200 kb)

july 23, 2004 Menu Creator 0.2.5 (Important updated - bug fix!)
- now Setup add two VB projects for yours testing.
- help file updated (chm)

july 19, 2004 - Menu Extended updated to version 0.6.6
- Updated the HTML Help files (v. 0.6.6)What's News

july 18, 2004 - Menu Extended update to 0.6.5 version
Now it's compatible with Windows 98, too.
Need compatibility for Windows 95 and Windows NT o.s. ?
Please let me know: Reply about this question from the Forum.

june 16, 2004 - Menu Extended version 0.6.0 0.6.1

Go to the FORUM for details and improvements- Poll: please vote!
Do you wish MenuExtended .NET version?

MenuExtended version 0.5.1
- Don't updated if you use Windows 98: continue to use the previous version
Projects section updated with two new project!
- Good Text Justification with API functions
- How to use 32bit icons (with Alpha channel) from Visual Basic

IMPORTANT: Updates and news will be communicate on the FORUM only.

March 05, 2004
Menu Creator v. 0.2.1 updated
March 05, 2004
Menu Creator v. 0.2.0:
March 02, 2004
Add TRANSLATIONS section to the Forum.
Post here any questions about translations of programs translated by me.
March 01, 2004
New updates for:
February 28, 2004
Personal message for Gary Greene!
Gary, there is a message for you: go to FORUM, please!
February 25,2004
I have created this forum to allow MenuExtended users to exchange ideas, opinions and suggestions.
Animate Me! 1.3: page updated.
February 23,2004 February 23,2004
FlashGet Version 1.50 (2004.2):
After more than one year (2002.11), a new update for FlashGet. What's new:
* Support MMS protocol
* Support command line (flashget.exe [url] [save directory])
* some small changes
* general fixes

February 17, 2004

Menu Creator version 0.2.0 is testing. With this new version now you can to modify a menu previously processed by Menu Creator.
If you want to test this new version contact me here.
January 26, 2004

Menu Creator Tutorial #2: how to import menu from yours existing projects, and add the Image and Description properties to yours menu items.
With some click, you can transform yours old projects to a new modern style. No lines of code to write, just mouse click!!! (more...)
January 26, 2004
1st Menu Creator Tutorial : how to create a menu with Menu Creator, set up some properties, call Menu Designer tool and change menu style.
Remember that Menu Creator, MenuExtended and Menu Designer is a great set of tools for VB programmers. For Free! (more...)
January 16, 2004
WOW! This web site has achieved 10.000 visitors! Thank to all!!! This mean that my work is appreciate. If you have some suggestions to make better my site send it me.Important NEWS:
DVD Shrink 3.12 has bee released!
January 09, 2004
Visit Wink Home page
Another new entry on translations section: Wink is a great software to create tutorials and presentations to save as output format Flash, HTML or PDF, and it's Freeware! Is tools it's very easy but with all you need to create professional output for your end users about your program, advertising, and other. More...
I have re-structured my site, therefore if you found some link broken feel free to warn me, so I can correct them. Thank you all.
January 03, 2004
Start the new year with a new entry: the italian help file for a great program freeware, DVD Shrink 2.3. This program allow you to make backup of yours DVD movie, choose compression level, which audio and subtitles streams to keep and which do not. You can shrink a commercial DVD of 9GB into a registrable DVD-R of 4,7GB!!!
december 23, 2003
DVDx Skin Designer updated to version 0.2.0
This is not a simple update!
This new version provide great features!!!

Discover it reading here.

Thank to those users that has send to me their suggestions and comment ;-))
december 18, 2003
DVDx Skin Designer updated to version 0.1.6
I recommend this upload.
december 14, 2003
DVDx Skin Designer updated to version 0.1.5
For the Windows XP users we recommend this important updated (please read the History list to DVDx Skin Designer page)
december 12, 2003
DVDx Skin Designer updated.
This program isn't more for free, but is released Shareware.
december 7, 2003
Translator is updated to version 1.33.
*) Note: this version is available only by me.
Please, read the Translator page for more info.
november 29, 2003
november 21, 2003 october 23, 2003 september 25, 2003 september 24, 2003 september 9, 2003 august 31, 2003 august 30, 2003 august 25,2003 august 21,2003 july 28,2003 july 13,2003 july 13, 2003 june 15, 2003 may 23, 2003 april 30, 2003
Menu Extended updated to version 0.3.5
april 18, 2003
Menu Extended updated to version 0.3.3
april 8, 2003
Menu Extended updated to version 0.3.2: now the Menu Designer is perfectly on Windows XP style. See here to read all the updates.
27 03 2003
E' stata attivata la mailing list dedicata espressamente al progetto Menu Extended (quindi anche Menu Creator e Menu Designer). La mailing list e' ospitata dal sito Visual Basic Tips & Tricks grazie alla disponibilita' e collaborazione di Gianluca Cannalire. Grazie Gianluca!
Nuovo aggiornamento a Menu Extended, versione 0.3.0. Ora e' presente il nuovissimo Menu Designer! Niente piu' codice da scrivere per impostare i vostri menu, ora, grazie al Menu Designer, fate tutto 'visualmente'!!!
Traduzioni: nuovo programma BeFaster v. 3.1 per accelerare e migliorare le vostre connessioni.
MenuExtended: (ex MenuEx) 
                - aggiornamento alla versione 0.2.3
                - aggiornata la guida ed i progetti di esempio.
                UN MUST!!!
Aggiunto il nuovo add-in Menu Creator (in beta test)
Questo fantastico add-in permette di creare i vostri menu per MenuExtended.DLL in maniera 'visuale' come nell'Editor di menu del VB, aggiungendo pero' le immagini e le descrizioni. DA NON PERDERE!!!
Eliminata la sezione Becky2!. Dati i frequenti aggiornamenti
è troppo gravoso tradurre ogni volta in italiano, dato che occorre modificare le risorse interne. (Becky2! dovrebbe usare il mio MLS... eh, eh, eh...)
06/02/03 - Multi-Language Support (MLS)
                un nuovo add-in per VB 6.0 che 'trasforma' i vostri progetti 
                rendendoli multi-lingua. Da non perdere!!!
Wallpaper Sequencer: nuova versione 3.0!
Ora comprende anche il calendario che può essere trasparente e personalizzabile (skin).
E' stata aggiornata la traduzione sia dell'interfaccia che della guida CHM.
2 nuovi programmi della WSoft-lab tradotti: 
Image Constructor 1.2 e Animate Me 1.1

17/11/02 - Wallpaper Sequencer: aggiornamento alla versione 2.70
                Nota: per gli utenti di Windows 95/98/ME si raccomanda
                di eseguire l'aggiornamento.

03/11/02 - Becky! 2.0 in italiano non è più disponibile.
             - FlashGet: aggiornata la guida in italiano alla nuova versione 1.31
               Scaricate la nuova versione di FlashGet! Ha molte novita'!!!
             - Wallpaper Sequencer: nuova versione 2.60

31/06/02 - Aggiunta la traduzione di WallPaper Sequencer 2.009/06/02 - Aggiunto progetto VB: Codice Fiscale

09/06/02 - Aggiunto la traduzione di Windows Hide Pro31/05/02 - Becky! italiano: trovato e risolto bug sul ricevimento della posta. Leggi qui29/05/02 - Aggiunta la versione italiana di Becky! Internet Mail 2. Vai qui.29/05/02 - Aggiornata la DLL MenuXP (0.2.3). Vai qui.

21/05/02 - Aggiunta la traduzione in italiano del programma Translator. Vai qui.
21/05/02 - Modificato il codice di Translator. Vai qui.21/05/02 - Aggiornato il file di linguaggio in italiano per FlashGet versione 1.3 beta2. Vai qui.